Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preparing for Winter?

Adam helped our neighbor today to "process" some of his felled lumber. They cut and hauled for hours. This is what Adam brought home. (Note the lovely tulips.)
And all these pieces were just BRANCHES and tops, of the trees. The trunks themselves our neighbor will donate to a charity that distributes firewood to the needy.
Just had to include this pic of Julia, dashing away from the camera. She looks like a little fairy!
Here's my bleeding heart bush, just starting to bloom out this year. I'm always entranced by this plant and its strange blossoms, like a string of teardrops.
Our weather has been HOT, very hot. It is supposed to break here in the East, on Thursday - I'm so glad!

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  1. Bleeding Heart is a lovely plant! My husband gave me one that lasted for several years, but the winters aren't cold enough here to keep them happy. So it died out.


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