Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Bow-wows:

I've been surprised at how many people have their puppies on the beach. It's a regular doggie drama! Isn't this a cute Westie? He was comfy in his new cut. He didn't want to go back home; his owners are pulling on the leash, toward the exit.
Pooch protection. There were lots of runners on the beach, but this was the only human/dog combo I saw.
These interesting pals are called Bouviers. Majestic beasts, and also recently trimmed of their long locks.
A pair of Dachshunds, making new friends:
I saw this pair of Huskies several times. Very sweet fellows. Wouldn't you think they'd be uncomfortable out in the sun, with all that coat?
We miss our Sandy, but we know she's having a blast at home with her friend, Penny.

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