Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Neighborly Excitement Today

We had a friend over today (Ron) who parked his car on the street. It's a nice, wide street where he's parked before -- no problems. Until...
(That's Ron, with Peter, Sandy and Anna.)
An 18 year old girl accidentally banged his back left corner and really smashed it up. Her car was even worse:
Adam says her tie rod must have broken, and this might have actually caused her to run into Ron's car.
Poor girl! She was very distraught! But it gave us a good opportunity to meet our neighbors (they live around the corner), talk with sweet Christian people who love the Lord, show ourselves (well, actually Ron did) to be gentle, kind and forgiving, and all in all, it was some fun neighborly excitement that unfortunately also produced a broken vehicle. Maybe next time we'll meet in happier circumstances!

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