Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Cup of Blog-Tea

That's what I wish I could give you today -- it's rainy and cold, couch-sitting weather. I have a blanket over my legs. A few minutes ago, Anna said she could see her breath. That may be an exaggeration, but yes we are trying to keep the heat turned off, now that it's almost April!  Goodness, what's with the weather?!

So, to warm the spirits, here are a few sips of blog-fun:

#1, click here. It'll take you to a page with a guy's face on it. His name is Owen. He is a friend of mine from high school. He's a musician; he's been playing the guitar forever. The song on the page is called "October."  Just click on the little "arrow" button next to the song's name, and it'll play the song for you.  It's so beautiful.  I find delicate guitar to be mesmerizing, haunting, soothing.  I could listen to it all day long. Owen wrote the song, but it's being performed by a friend of his.

#2, here's a silly story for you. What happens when one engages in those online dating services, and thinks one finds a person that one has SO much in common with? You just never know!

#3 this study found that religious, church-going people are fatter, but simultaneously healthier. It's fun to consider why.

#4, this USA Today article talks about how Washington, D.C. standardized test scores seemed suspiciously high in recent years.

#5, but this other USA Today article rebuts the other one, saying the unusual qualities of the tests are explainable.

#6, a little bitter in your tea. This World article by Cal Thomas is rather harsh in its assessment of the uprisings in the Middle East, and of the U.S. response. Is he overly cautious? Perceptive? Time will tell.

I'm chilly again! Time to warm up my cup of tea!

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