Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last night, we sat in the TV room and watched an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford. What a lovely show! And it has great music, as many of the "period piece" BBC series do. Julia decided to bring in her purple "husband pillow" and her blanket, and watch the episode from the floor. (Oh, to be so free from aches and pains as to lie on the floor in comfort!)

And, as she usually does in the evenings, Sandy decided it was snoozy time. She snuggled under the blanket with Julia, put her doggie head on the purple pillow, and fell fast asleep to the theme music of Lark Rise.
I love how she has a contented smile on her lips (what lips?), as she sleeps.
If you want to hear the theme music, here it is:

This is one happy puppy dog. She is dearly loved. She knows her place in her pack -- which means she knows she is not in charge. This makes her content. Dogs that are spoiled into thinking they are the boss of the house, are often rather wild and uncontrolled, or very aggressive. Sandy knows she is like one of the kids, and she's happy with that role. (Ummm ... some children are also brought up to think they're in charge, and they demonstrate the same kinds of behavior!)
Sometimes when she snoozes like this, she sticks just the very tip end of her tongue out. It's so cute.
Spoiled dog? Yes.

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  1. Sandy is BEAUTIFUL, MK! I love her pretty markings. What a good dog!


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