Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Seed

Yesterday, on the warm patio, I decided it was past time to start my tomato seeds. Adam planted the garden, as I said, and I knew I needed to get the tomatoes going, or just forget about it. He already had little starter cells, with the tray underneath, and the clear plastic dome. And we had potting soil with perlite, plenty of it. So I began!
I planted 54 cells with heirloom Brandywine seeds. He also asked me to do Swiss chard and thyme, so I did 18 cells of each of those. Will we be here this summer to eat all this deliciousness? I don't know, but if we're not, I hope our neighbors will enjoy it all!

At the end of last summer (well into the fall), I saved one of the last Brandywine tomatoes, removed the seeds, and preserved them according to some instructions I found online. Boy, do I hope it works! They looked good - dry and whole. I kept them in a white envelope all winter.
We're putting the trays of seeds out on the patio during the day, and taking them in at night, since it's still pretty chilly. I'll let you know when we get any little green shoots :)

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  1. You are industrious and optimistic indeed! It was so cold here today, I couldn't even begin to think about tomato plants. I am yearning for them though...and all the other fresh veggies that come with the heat of summer.


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