Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If the bees were here ...

Adam is preparing his hives. The bees will be here in 1 1/2 weeks. Don't they look pretty up on their little hill?
The three with little roofs are called Warre hives; Adam made them himself. The other one is called a Langstroth hive.
If the bees were here already, they'd be enjoying the blooms we have now.
Julia is naming the hives. They are: Leprechaun, Sasquatch, Dragon and Dwarf. The numbering system is to help Adam keep track of his generations of bees. She says when Adam makes two more, they'll be called Goblin and Hobbit. Can you tell we're just a bit into fantasy stories in our house? Good grief!
Our Canadian plum tree is in glorious bloom. I bet the bees would like that.
I love the silver blossoms against the pale blue sky.
Our neighbors (who already have generous chickens and ducks) just bought some more of both! Here's one of the adorable ducklings.
Our pussywillow tree is all gone to seed now, and is losing its pollen. At least, I think it's pussywillow; if anyone knows differently, please let me know!

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