Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When in Doubt, Houses and Flowers

Okay, you bloggers!  Ever have a day when 1) you have nothing to say, or 2) you have plenty to say, but can't say it online?  Of course you do!

I have tons on my mind, but not all of it is for the blog-world to read. So, when you have nothing else to write, take pictures of flowers and houses, right?

The flowers are just starting to oblige. See our daffies, bursting to come out of hiding? And our forsythia, in the background?
We have open daffies in the garden bulb bed.
I went to hunt for some camellias in bloom, and I found periwinkle too.
Here are the camellias. I think they're finally safe from a frost. I hope.
Are all you non-Southerners jealous yet? I keep hearing of ice and freezing rain up north.
After the flower shots, I hopped in the car and went to pick Anna up from her college class, and I took some house photos along the way.
Lovely old Tudor:
Big frame farmhouse.
The school campus was bright with these trees. Are these redbuds? I'm not sure.
To me, this is a sure sign of real spring.
This is a noble house with a serious face.
So many of the older homes have been spruced up and have nice paint, like this one.
Ooooh - I love the hemlock tree, the green tile roof, and the deep red brick. My kind of house.
A local Methodist church, one of our finest. Beautiful stone.
As I waited for Anna, I watched the people lined up for lunch from this hot dog truck. The son of a friend runs this truck, and does a nice business at the college, they say.
I know I took a picture of Anna as she exited her building, but it must have disappeared into cyberspace.

Oh well, here's what Adam's working on for dinner -- "French dip" sandwiches, with French onion soup. I think. Something like that. We found this slab of brisket at Walmart, marked down to $2/lb. What a deal! This is just half of it:
And the beginning of his baguettes, for the sandwiches:
I'll try to remember to take pics of the finished product for you. Have a great afternoon!

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  1. Hi MK!
    The house pictures are amazing! I love houses, too.
    The French dip sandwiches sound wonderful.


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