Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother's Desk:

Here's the promised picture. I asked my mom to sit there -- it's nice occasionally to have humans in one's photos, yes?
She's playing with Tasha. Tasha did not like standing on her hind legs, but she's adorable! She's a Corgi.
Tasha says this position is much better. My mother almost always has fresh flowers on her desk. She loves artwork painted by dear friends.
This is the very-alert bunny who welcomes you to my parents' home. He's out by the road, surrounded by daffodils. I think he looks noble.
And here's the wee maiden cursying to you by the driveway.
A neighbor builds these wonderful fences along the road. They always remind me of Civil War battlefields.
A better picture of Tasha. We're such pals :)  She and Lacey were good friends too -- since they were puppies. Now Lacey is gone, and I think, for Tasha (who is an elderly lady now), Sandy is just too young.
Love these flowers.  She told me their name, but I don't remember -- something that starts with an "h."
An up-close of her daffodils.
Not all the plants in my parents' yard fare so well.  Their trees, up atop the mountain, suffer grievously each winter with ice storms. All the tall trees look like this:
The daffodils are huge.


  1. Our Sukey looks just like Tasha! These daffodils served as my birthday "fix" today, as they are my birth flower, but we're months away from seeing them up here!

  2. They're heliobores. A real harbinger of sring. :)


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