Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From My Couch to Your Couch

I often surprise my mom when she calls me on my cell phone. She grew up with only land-lines (of course) and she always envisions me, sitting at home, talking on the phone.

And then I tell her I'm actually walking through the mall, or in the grocery check-out, or at Bible study. My, how our communications have changed!

But what about blogging? What's your location of choice? We used to all sit at our desktop machines. Then came the laptops. Then came the smart-phones/Blackberries/i-phones.  I'm not even sure how those things work! But people are blogging and facebooking from EVERYWHERE.

But some serious bloggers still prefer a real spot in the home, and I think the more it's a business for you, the more appealing this is. Honestly, sometimes I have trouble keeping all my blogging paraphernalia organized, on the living room couch ....

So, if you're tire of using your kitchen table, or your kids' old school desk, or the kitchen counter, check out CSN, and look at what's new in computer desks for home.

I mean, if you were sitting here, would it even feel like work? Now that's a desk I could learn to love!

I think this would make a lovely addition to my home ...

Although I'm still not quite sure about these modern chairs:

I imagine the kids would like it, though.

And you know what?  My mother has her own desk. No computer, no laptop, no cell phone.  But she has a lovely, cluttered (sometimes) desk for writing her snail mail correspondence. It's a central place in her home, an important place in her life, a place to ponder, gaze out the window, keep track of many family treasures, and organize both her thoughts and her heart.

A desk in the home can be a wonderful thing.

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