Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something New:

I'm trying to crochet this hat:
Here's the website for Drops Design -- the page the hat is on. As you know, I don't really like to follow patterns when I'm being "creative," but my creativity does have limits, and there are times when it's a good idea to follow other people's brilliant conceptions! I doubt I could have come up with this hat pattern on my own, and I'm learning a lot by making it.

My one problem? I don't have the right size hook. I have a "G" and the pattern calls for a much smaller hook, a "C." So, I think my hat will turn out too big. My gauge is all wrong. Ah well. It's good practice. I'm taking pictures of my hat, but I'm not posting them until I know it will turn out decently!


  1. You better post pictures -- that hat is darling, and I have great confidence that yours will be as well (despite the wrong size hooks...or needles...or whatever -- as you can see, I don't even sew buttons).

  2. Hi MK!
    I like your hat and I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bogged down with instructions.

  3. Isn't that site the best?! Did I tell you that I knitted (sp?) sweaters for my granddogs from this site as they live in Philly, one has lost the hair on her back from Cushings disease (she is getting better) and is cold all the time.I have a "C". Do you want it?


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