Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the Blogasboard:

The Atlantic -- "Laws Concerning Food and Drink; Household Principles; Lamentations of the Father" -- an adorable article about instructing children, from the father's perspective.  "Bite not, lest you be cast into quiet time"-- and much other gentle lines.

Chicago Tribune - "A Missed Connection" -- Good Samaritans can still be found, even in airports.

Life News -- "FBI Arrests Pro-Abortion Activist" -- I grew up with Operation Rescue volunteers being arrested all the time for their non-violent civil disobedience. It's good to see violence on the other side being addressed.

Bloomberg -- "U.S. Teachers are Failing" -- An honest assessment of some of the reasons, and perhaps some of the solutions, for our failing educational system. Throwing money at it won't solve anything, as long as bad teachers are allowed to remain. Finland, Singapore & South Korea, who have excellent educational systems -- "they draw 100 percent of their teachers from the top third of their university graduates."  U.S. university graduates no longer view teaching as a desirable field.

Fox -- "Lights on in South Carolina" -- South Carolina is introducing legislation to counteract the federal edict that bans incandescent light bulbs.  The state's answer? Make them in South Carolina, and sell them only in S.C., and the US interstate commerce laws won't even apply. Brilliant!  150 years later, South Carolina is still the leader in innovative state's rights.

USA Today -- "One Meaty Cookbook" -- what happens when a millionaire scientist who loves to cook, decides to write a cook book? Well, for one thing, it'll cost you a pretty penny!

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