Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Blog Recap Carnival

Some bloggy friends are doing a walk-through for 2012, recalling the high points of the year. (Click on the cute button at the bottom of this post, to find the others.) I thought I'd participate, since it's been a banner year for the Christiansen family. First, I want to remember a family member who's no longer with us:  Tasha, my mother's Corgi.
When 2012 started, we were living with my parents in their lovely home outside Brevard, NC. They are such dears! And good-lookin', I'll add.
During 2012, the Willows Trio continued their around-the-world trip. Thank you, Pom! The Willows are finishing their journeys abroad in New Zealand, and will soon be back home again in Colorado.
Early 2012 saw Adam and me visiting a small coastal village in NC. He'd preached here a couple of times and continued to do so. We were smitten with the beauty of this place, but could not imagine we'd ever be blessed enough to live there.
We had only two kids at home.
Anna came home from college fairly often. I enjoyed seeing her mature so nicely at school.
As Adam and I visited Oriental, the church seemed to like us, and then they told us they were considering Adam as a pastoral candidate.
Adam continued to tend his bees.
I continued crocheting.
In the spring, Adam, Julia and I visited Chattanooga to see Philip and hear him sing in a few concerts.
In May Peter finished high school, looking classy as ever.
The dear church in Oriental decided they wanted us! We were thrilled! But it meant saying good-bye to this precious group of knitting ladies.
We also said good-bye to the mesmerizing mountains.
We moved to the coast, and soon Adam was being installed as a pastor, ordained at last!
They have continued to welcome us beautifully.
Philip and Anna came to see where we'd landed. Philip stayed for the summer, but Anna had to go back to work.
We experienced the ferry and the beach. What wonders!
I decided to try out the farmer's market. What could it hurt? I liked it very much. I started with one basket of soap and a few washcloths.
We dashed back for Peter's graduation.
We were happy to get back to the most beautiful undiscovered spot on God's earth. Well, we think so.
And I found a new group of knitting ladies! Isn't God good?
I helped Peter pick a college. Yes, that makes three college kids.
I watched my little girl become a young lady.
Adam and I are happy, very happy. He has a job he loves, and I have a husband who's happy. That's a recipe for a good life.
Philip worked for the summer and went back to school.
Anna went back to school in August too.
Peter hugged his dear grandma and went off to college too. When I got back home after delivering three kids to three colleges, I said I would not leave again anytime soon. And I haven't.
Adam discovered that yes, he does love sailing.
Among other fun activities, Julia took some very beneficial art classes.
I could write about dragon boat races and watermelon-eating parties and parades and Croakerfest and regattas and so many thrilling local events. In the quiet of my mind though, I often considered my children. Especially the boy who'd just left, and what a precious blond-haired munchin he used to be. I missed him.
Peter eats a pan of fresh strawberries on our steps at Cono in Iowa.
And my youngest. It seemed just yesterday that I was wrapping a green towel around her shoulders and cutting her long, wavy hair for the first time. My life changed a lot this past year, my roles and habits. My children are growing up and leaving, and although my job with them is shifting quickly, I also have the joy of seeing the fruits of my years of labor.
What should I do with myself? Teach again? No ... instead I opted to crochet, make soap, lip balm, and hand lotion, and hawk my wares to the public. And I thoroughly enjoy it!
All through the summer and fall and now the winter, the precious little church has continued to be a joy to us, a comfort, and a great fellowship. If you're lonely, find a loving church. If you're still lonely, you need God too (of course) and be sure your church helps you meet Him.
So, God gave us a beautiful place to live, and new friends, and a wonderful job and hobbies too. Then, as if that weren't enough, he added a free boat.
And He brought all those children (plus one!) home for Christmas, safely.  I'm very blessed!
He has blessed us with a sea of diamonds when we did not deserve any of it. We are very, very thankful.
Good-bye, 2012! You've been an amazing year.
2012 Recap Carnival with Musings of a Housewife


  1. I loved your year and I remember it all. I look forward to more boat tales!
    Did you see Le Mis? Oh my goodness! We LOVED it.

  2. A sea of diamonds! That's a perfect summary of the gifts of God, which the glittering ocean has offered you. Thanks for the re-cap, M.K. It's been a joy to look back on your year with you and to give thanks.

  3. Well thanks, MK. I feel like I know you and your family better now. You mentioned living in Iowa and your son was sitting on the steps at Kono? We've had their choir come sing for our church several times. The music director, Andrew Belz, is married to the sister of one of our church members. Small world, isn't it!?!

  4. This is so fun! And yes, a happy husband who loves his job is KEY. I know Brevard, NC! We honeymooned near there and visited one afternoon. :-) And while the mountains are lovely, there is nothing quite as peaceful as the ocean. So glad you are happy in your new home! (And that you found a new group of knitting ladies.) :-)

  5. What a blessed year!! Praise the Lord for a church home. I know he will be using your family to bless many more lives there. 2013 will be amazing for you!


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