Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lighting the Boats

During "The Spirit of Christmas" weekend in Oriental, people like to decorate their boats. These photos are from the boats lined up in slips at the Oriental Marina and Inn, a neat, party-like establishment right at the town's dock. Here's Santa. Did you know he actually takes a boat on his Christmas Eve excursion, and not a sleigh?
Several of the boats were lit like this. It looks so happy and cozy.
You can put a Christmas tree or two on deck.
Lights were strung on every line and sheet, and often up the masts.
One boat had this lonely, sad little snowman, standing in the cabin just inside the door. He seemed to be saying, "Please let me out to play too!"
This was Friday night. Our church provided hot cider and homemade cookies to folks who came down to the town harbor to see the town star "lit up" for Christmas. In Oriental, people like to stroll around, watch the water, ride bikes. We have lots of visitors who com in on boats. (You can spot them right away. They look a little lost, disheveled, and list slightly to the right or left.) It was a very merry time!


  1. What a fun tradition! When Dave and I lived in Hawaii, we'd watch Santa ride the waves to shore, bag slug over his shoulder, children waiting...great fun!
    Yep, Santa is a surfer dude -grin-.

  2. What a great event! It kind of reminds me of the Harvest of the Sea which my grandparents' church celebrated every year. Farming communities in the UK celebrate a harvest festival, where the best examples of the crops are brought into to the church to thank God for the harvest, but in my grandparents' fishing town they had a Harvest of the Sea instead. The church was draped with fishing nets and decorated in a generally nautical way (I don't remember it smelling - how did they avoid that?) and the people thanked God for their living and prayed for safety.

    I like the idea of a boatin', surfin' Santa! Here in the south of France he arrives on a carriage pulled by beautiful horses!

  3. Sandra, Christmas in Hawaii sounds FUN!! Santa, surfing into shore -- I love it :)

    Floss, I really love the idea of gathering the best of the crops into the church to thank God and celebrate His bounty to us. I've read the Miss Read books over and over, and I love the chapters where she helps set up the Harvest event in the village church. What a grand tradition! The children were involved too. And to do it at the seaside too :) That's beautiful.


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