Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The "Minuet" Continues

The weather has been so balmy the past few days, that Adam took the dinghy out into the yard so he and Julia could apply the epoxy.
Sandy lent moral support.
They had applied thickened epoxy to the seams, and now needed to smooth it down -- no easy task. Julia used some heavy sandpaper.
The hard epoxy:
Adam used a little planer.
Quite a project, but they both love it.
After that, they applied a thinner epoxy all over the outside. This makes the grain of the wood pop out, and it really starts to look like a boat.
Julia's excited about these developments.
Yesterday she applied the liquid epoxy to the inside as well. They still need to apply fiberglass tape to all the seams, and then epoxy again. Basically, the boat will have a wooden core, with a fiberglass sheathing outside.  Our warm weather continues (I hope) next week, so I'll keep you informed of their progress.

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