Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

Yesterday Julia went to make Christmas Cookies with our baking friend, Miss P. It was such a warm, lovely day, I wore sandles.
We went to pick up Julia a few hours later, and look at the wonders we found under her fingertips!
She and Miss P. were hard at work, and the kitchen counter was full of wonder and sparkle.
Miss P's house was decorated with greenery and candles and whimsy.
Miss P. had an assortment of smooth, glisteny icings that were wonderful bases for the cookie decor.
See? Blue (Julia's favorite), yellow, red, and green.
Miss P. had made her gingerbread men and women beforehand.
Snow and ice:
Silver candy balls:
Now here's a question for the horticultural among us. Miss P. has this large bush outside her house. The previous owners were big plant/herb people. Miss P. thinks maybe this is a bay tree. Can any of you tell, from this photo, if it is?

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