Sunday, December 16, 2012

Girl Day

While Philip and Adam were tootling along on the river, Anna, Julia, and I were having a fun girl day in New Bern. Beautiful, warm sunshine allowed us to enjoy the park downtown.
The birds were cooperative.
Julia is now taller than Anna.
As we drove around, I saw a eucalyptus tree!  I was so  excited, I pulled right up to it and took its picture.
Julia suggested we stop at the Cow Cafe for ice cream.
"Moo Bern"!! Haha -- love it!


  1. FUN! You should clip some of that eucalyptus and hang it in your shower. It wards off illness (in a real way, no hocus pocus!)

  2. Oh, Pom, I desperately wanted to help myself, but it was in someone's yard (albeit, right along the road) and I didn't think I could take the liberty :) I wished, though!!


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