Friday, December 28, 2012

Rowing 'Round

Today was chilly but clear, and a good day for Julia to continue practicing her rowing in the creeks. So we loaded the Minuet in the van and went over. The marina is such a peaceful, lovely spot on God's earth. There was a bit of wind tide (translate: the water was blowing strongly in one direction consistently b/c of wind, not because of tidal movement), and Julia did a good job of mastering her boat.
She toodled in the marina for a bit, getting the feel of the newly positioned oarlocks. Then she went up one small creek, and then around the point into a large creek. She was so excited, she didn't get tired.
Sandy went along too, and I got a very cute picture of her. She had to go to the end of each and every pier, watching Julia row by.
While Julia played, I sat in the Nocturne with a blanket on my legs, imagining what it will be like to sit (on a warmer day) in the little boat, on the river, while Adam sails us along. I can't wait for warmer days! C'mon, March!

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  1. I notice that here Julia has a coat on and that you are under a blanket, and am interested that warmer days are coming in March. Not the frozen North!


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