Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Having Fun with Kids

Since last Friday, Adam and I have been enjoying the company of our college kids. We've packed a lot into less than a week. He had a thrilling boat trip with Philip. We've done shopping expeditions and movie theater fun. Here are some random shots.
Farmer's Market on Saturday morning was chilly, and Anna and Julia gave some moral support. My table has expanded since last May.
I made two new soaps, "Warm Cider" and "Christmas Tree." They both smell wonderful and Christmasy.
Anna was wrapped up in a friend's wool coat, and hugging Julia to keep her warm.
Jack the Town Dock dog sporting his Christmas bell.
Anna mans my booth!
She can be downright silly. She, Peter, and Kara played computer games. I do not know what kind of face she's making here!
They've been playing spades, hearts, rummy, "Life," "Clue," and "Dutch Blitz," which you see at the table below. Anna is the beast at "Dutch Blitz." For a little girl who generally knits and is slower than her siblings in most activities, she is blazing fast at this game.
She smoked everybody. I did not play; I find it a little stressful.
For our Christmas gift, Peter and Kara took Adam and me out for lunch. Isn't that sweet? Is that a sign that they're getting grown up, and we're getting old??? We went to Silo's for pizza. This is a particularly sweet photo of them.
We took them walking around one of the boat yards. It was a warm, sunny, calm day in December -- perfect day to work on boats, so lots of people were out sanding and painting and otherwise sprucing boats.
These two are quite fond of each other, and since they're attending different colleges, they're making the most of their Christmas break.

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