Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Huck Finn Adventure

Friday morning at 5:00 PM, I drove Adam and Philip up to Little Washington to get the sailboat. It was dark. Sunrise was just coming as I dropped them off at the marina.
It was c o l d. I didn't hang around long because my teeth were chattering. Here's "The Nocturne."
Adam checked out his new cabin for the first time -- an itty bitty cabin.
I left them to it. See the happy smiles?
As I drove home through the countryside, the sun climbed up into its day.
I kept in touch with them all day, when we had cell reception. About noon, the engine, which they'd had serviced the day before (supposedly), conked out. Adam said it totally seized up. So much for servicing. As evening came, temperatures plummeted. They'd left the wool blankets and sleeping bags at the house, I'm sorry to say! This is a 19 foot sailboat with no electricity on board, so it was dark on the river. Philip said the stars were amazing. They sailed and sailed, but could not get enough wind to reach Oriental yesterday. They dropped anchor in Garbacon Shoals and slept in the cabin snugly for the night. It was 34ยบ outside.
The sunrise this morning was worth getting up for! I drove to the river and looked for a pair of little white sails.

At last! There they are! See that little patch of white sail?
But without a motor, it's very difficult to pull into a boat slip, especially as an inexperienced sailor. And the wind was finicky and kept falling off. Finally, some friends (i.e. heroes) offered to go out to the harbor in a dinghy and lend a helpful motor. Pat, on the right, is a good neighbor!
Into the town dock at last! They looked very grungy, tired, and a little grumpy, but it was a successful trip, and many sailing lessons were learned. #1 lesson: Adam hates engines.
Philip got the warm shirt, and he said his L.L. Bean hat is his new favorite possession. It kept his head warm all night.


  1. Congratulations on a successful voyage! The boat looks great - maybe instead of bringing my boats to your water I should just visit and use your boats, and you can visit out here and use my boats!

    Once my big one is painted I'll get started restoring a '57 18 horse outboard that I bought to go on it, so I'll get to learn about old motors - but I'm told it can be a very aesthetic process!

  2. How wonderful! I can just imagine how awesome it was to be on the river in the dark!

  3. lovely adventure, glad the seafarers are safe and sound. yes, a warm head will help keep the rest warm; I've slept in a cap before -smile-


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