Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Mother's Shawl

Yesterday I finished knitting my mother's Christmas shawl, and today I mailed their presents away!
Julia modeled it for us. I know it looks like a simple shawl, but unless you're a mediocre knitter as I am, you don't know what a labor of love this is! The pattern is a little tricky, and one must keep the count (84 stitches across) perfect throughout.
I call it the Wave Pattern. The prayer shawl ladies call it the "Time Out" pattern, because the lady who first introduced it had to go sit in a corner by herself every 4 rows, to do the pattern row, because it was so tricky.
I do hope my mother enjoys it. I hope she keeps it draped across her favorite chair and wraps it around her each morning with her coffee and remembers that I love her.
This heather green is her favorite color. The picture above looks rather gray, but it's a smokey, heather green.


  1. It is a work of art! I love it! She will adore it and think of you each time she snuggles with it! Well done!

  2. Oh well done on a huge labour of love! Every stitch a kiss!

  3. It's lovely! She'll love it and think of you every time she sees it.


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