Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos from a Bike Ride

On sunny days, the river of diamonds appears here. What wealth!
As usual, these photos are from a recent bike ride. But temperatures here are still generally too chilly for bike riding, and it's the occasional day that is both calm and warm enough.
This lovely sycamore tree has a huge hole.
Somebody built a big next in there. The hole goes through to the other side, as you see. What family of critters was snug in there for the winter, I wonder? Birds? Squirrels?
That water is crying out for sailboats in it, don't you think? We haven't been sailing for a while now -- too cold or too windy. Or not windy enough. Or (more likely) we're too busy with life and work.
The flowering quince is looking brilliant right now. It's so elegant. But the recent hard frosts we had, withered some of the blossoms.


  1. Too lovely. All is grey and housework here!

  2. if the wind isn't blowing I can do almost anything outside. but the wind...ahhh...that's a life stealer.

  3. Sandra -- the wind this morning!! My word. I went to the market to sell this morning, but the blustery wind was horrible! I came home early. Lovely day, lovely sky, but way too windy.


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