Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Julia's Still Life

Here's the still life that Julia painted this morning during art class. We're both very pleased with it.
During January she seemed a little 'off her game,' art-wise. I think the art competition she was in rattled her nerves.
Two of her pieces in that competition went on from the district level to the state level. I don't know when we'll hear about that.
These additional close-ups are just for those of you who like looking at watercolors. I think she did a good job with her shading and depth. The flower shapes are very nice too, especially the daffodils.

The two pieces that are at the state competition are an pencil sketch that she calls "Escher Hand." She didn't want to submit it in the first place, because it was incomplete (according to her). She's left-handed, so she could easily sketch her right hand like this.
And her zentangle, or zendoodle, or whatever it is:
It's always a mystery why judges choose as they do.


  1. You know what strikes me about the watercolor? It looks 3-dimensional. Esp. on the right side, the shading causes it to look like she's actually cut out the flowers and put then on top of another piece of paper.

    I love it...her other work as well. That girl has real talent! :)

  2. Melissa, I told her the same thing, that the 3-D quality was very good. She has a good sense of shading (or whatever you call it).

  3. Good sense of light and hence shadow and then perspective...and for such a young artist! How special to be developing gifts...


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