Friday, February 1, 2013

Surprise!! More Crochet - haha!

I found this flower pattern over at Lacy Crochet blog. She calls them swirl flowers.  You can make them quickly, and as large or small as you like. It's a long chain, with clusters of double crochets.
It's not a very deep flower -- rather flat -- which might be useful in some patterns if you don't want a flower sticking way out.
I also made myself a winter hat.  I didn't have a written pattern to work from; Julia has a hat I like, and I was able to look at it and figure out how it was made. It's pretty standard -- start with a circle at the crown, gradually making a flat disc, then curving in. The crown is made in double crochets, but the body of the hat is a pattern of double and single crochets in clusters.
I gave a little extra bulk at the back so it could droop down. Then I tacked the "droop" to the back/bottom of the hat, so it would stay. For some reason, when I see it on me, I always think of the Seven Dwarves' hats. Hmm.
Another point of interest on this: a couple of year ago I tried to make a hat, using Julia's hat as a pattern. But I hadn't been crocheting very long, and just couldn't figure out the patterned part. I made a hat using straight double crochet on all rows. But this time -- after crocheting more complicated items for a year or so, I could look at the hat and discern easily what the maker had done, and replicate it. It's fun to realize that you're making progress in your skills.


  1. those flowers would make cute adornments on a hat and your hat is lovely,looks cute on you, MK!

  2. My daughter has been teaching herself to crochet. I'm so proud of her(she's almost 22)for starting a new creative tradition she can teach her girls! She'll have to teach her old mom some day! I think she'd love your hat. It's really cute! ;)

  3. Good for her, Lisa! Crocheting is fairly easy, fast, and fun -- and you get useful, beautiful results. I hope she enjoys her new skills! My daughter (who's 13) likes looking at your art blog -- she's been inspired by all the zentangle type things you do. We watch those videos and then tangle away :)

  4. Cute, MK! I bet you could sell a bundle of those cute hats!
    It's so lovely to see your dear face. I wish you could ride your bike over to my house.


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