Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome Home, Willows!

Do you remember the world travelers, Mole, Ratty, and Toad? The Willows Threesome is on its way home! Hooray!
In late fall, 2011, three wanderers arrived in our home. Remember? I blogged about their visit, about cookies and tea with them, how Julia and I colored in their traveling copy of The Wind in the Willows, put our stamp in their passport, and sent them on their way 'round the world.
They did go 'round the world -- England, France, then on to Australia and New Zealand, I believe. This week they arrive back where they began, at Pom Pom's house in Colorado. Home again, how nice! Pom Pom is planning a warm welcome for the weary three. I believe Badger will be waiting for them there. Badger is a serious homebody and did not participate in their wild adventures.
I just went looking for my copy of The Wind in the Willows by Grahame, and I'm sad to say I could not find it! It looked just like this:
Well, phooey. Don't know where it is. I might have given it away. This means I need a new copy. It might be time to make a purchase of some books online, yes?
In honor of Pom Pom's tea party, I decided to share some photos of this little tea set. It's not mine; it's Julia's. Her grandma gave it to her. It's about the most adorable one I've ever seen. Not complete, oh I wish! I blogged about it two years ago.
Here's the little tea pot.
And the tiny sugar bowl
One cup and three plates are all we have.
 And that dried rose blossom? It also came to me over a year ago, from Peter, when he knelt down and gave it to me with a sweet smile, during the last football game of his senior year. Awww, sweet. I keep things like that.
 This little plate/silver set is mine. I put the quarter there so you can see how small it is. I love it!
I'm looking forward to Pom Pom's welcoming tea party. I only wish I could be there in person to see those travelers again!


  1. Hi M.K.,

    As a tea drinker I have to say your little set is adorable! My daughter had a cute little purple floral tea set when she was young.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Nice to meet you too, Julie! I dashed over to your blog, and dashed over to the book giveaway too :) I saw that on Sandra's blog this morning, but needed a reminder to go over and look - thanks! Blessings on you today.

  3. Welcome Home, World Travelers! Oh the sights they have seen!

  4. Should we have a worldwide welcome home tea party?? Shall discuss with Pom! They stopped in Ireland too! I loved your trip to the book shop with them- and that photo of Julia at, was it, a waterfall?

  5. Yes, Mags! It was a big waterfall in the mountains of NC, over in Pisgah Forest. Lovely. I do think we took them into a toy store or something. I'll have to look back :)

  6. Yay for the upcoming tea party! Thank you so much for your great enthusiasm. As you know, I could go on and on an on when it comes to The Wind in the Willows. I haven't made Mr. Badger yet, so I had better get cracking!
    The tea set is adorable. When I am feeling rushed and hurried, I need more tea to sustain me!

  7. I do think a worldwide tea party for their return is a grand idea, girls. Imagine: all of us tea partying together, sipping and smiling and hailing the Willows! I do think in not a few years, something like Skype will be so common on our computers, that we'll be able to visit with each other and see each other, all at once, at such events. Sounds fun, don't you think?


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