Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still Life Crystal

In art class this week, Julia tried her hand at some crystal.
I think painting clear items is difficult, especially with watercolors. I really like the look she's achieving with watercolors now.
I love the base and how she got the effect so perfectly with so little paint. How do artists do that?
I don't really think Mr. Bob gives her a lot of instruction on technique; everybody else was painting boats and water with acrylics. He comes by and gives hints over the shoulder on little points. Julia often likes to choose something different from what the others are painting.
I was very pleased. Poor girl -- I never let her take her art to her room. I love to keep it in the living room so I can look at it all the time. I tell her she can have it all when I'm dead someday!
I couldn't remember if I'd ever posted this sketch of a duck she did last semester. Anyway ... here she is.


  1. Beautiful. Please tell her so. :)

    I remember having to do a drawing of a silver service in drawing class in college. To get the silver look in graphite was mind-boggling.

    As I tell our kids, draw/paint what you actually see, not what you THINK you see. I think Julia gets that.

  2. Julia read your comment, and she said, "Yes! I do get that!" :)


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