Friday, February 8, 2013

Rose Hearts for Valentine's

Here's a great new pattern that I found at this blog, i heart handcrafts. I thought these might be cute to sell at the market, just before Valentine's Day.
Aren't they lovely? They look good in red and pink.
I made four of them. I did tweak the pattern a little in a couple of spots, and I prefer how mine turned out. They're adorable, but what to do with them?
I decided to attach a chain stitch string to them, and sell them as little hangers -- hang them on a small wall, or around a door knob, or over a chair finial or a newel post -- anywhere! This would make a cute addition to a Valentine's gift package, I think.
This pattern is a keeper! But be warned:  if you try this crochet project, the pattern is a bugbear, and very strange. You have to concentrate and do exactly as it says. I retyped it, adding notes to myself at points in the pattern where I was tempted to guess at the writer's intent. Good luck!


  1. Adorable...esp. the pink, and the hangers are very clever.

  2. Just the ticket- please email the pattern!! How big are they?

  3. all your ideas are good, MK. you've done a great job with these hearts!

  4. They are so festive and PINK! I love pink this time of year (actually, I love it all the time!)

  5. I don't go in for cutesy things, but even I would put some of these over my doorknobs, as you suggested. Very cheery and the colors are just right!

  6. Thanks, Pom and GJ :) The market was awful this morning -- too windy, and NONE of the heart sold :( I'll take them back again, but I'll probably snitch one to keep here at home around a door knob.


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