Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Smittens

Smittens were some of my best sellers during fall and winter, so I wanted a way to keep them going into the spring. I found some neat cotton yarn at the store. Sugar 'n Cream makes it; it's called "Twists."
The yarn is light, string-like, and fun. Instead of smittens, I'm thinking of calling these little lovelies "twisters," since some people call these kinds of gloves "wristers."  Here's a close-up of the yarn and how light and airy it is.
They're also shorter, not covering the fingers. They're for looks, not warmth. I think this is a look that the modern teen might like.
I also made a posterboard cut-out of a hand, to help me display them at the market. Julia adores this pair and made me promise to make her a pair this spring. Of course, I will.

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