Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Inn on Bath Creek

It's Day Two of our anniversary get-away, and I must fill you in on our supper last night. But first, since The Inn on Bath Creek is our home base, here it is again. And yes, I highly recommend this B&B.
Bath has only two little restaurants, so we drove to nearby Belhaven for supper yesterday. We choose (at the recommendation of our innkeeper) Fish Hooks Cafe. On Trip Advisor, it's rated #2 among Belhaven restaurants. Portions are noted as large and the seafood fresh.
Our sweet waitress was nervous; it was her first night to wait tables! I ordered the fried flounder with the pineapple/cheese casserole and the twice-baked potato as sides. It was more than I could eat. The fish was particularly light and tasty. Adam noted that it was cooked perfectly but not oily at all. If we go back there tonight, he says he's getting the flounder too. He ordered a small meal, after our pizza lunch, and had fried pickles (spears, served with ranch dressing), and a large garden salad with boiled shrimp.
In Hendersonville, apple statues line the sidewalks. In New Bern, you'll find bears. Here on the coast in these small fishing villages, we keep seeing these:
I snapped this gorgeous old mansion. It's an inn/marina now. Only one boat in the marina. It's for sale. It looks like the old-fashioned type of summer place, with its own tennis courts in the side yard.
Belhaven is larger than Bath. They have stop lights! That tells us that the town is too large for us to comfortably live in - haha! Lots of older homes along the "creek, which is very wide, as creeks are here:
That's the town beach, by the way, and you can barely see the extensive break-water out there, protecting the creek and town and giving a calm place for boats.
I noted these unusual stairs. A couple of homes had them. Just decorative, or do they serve a purpose? Perhaps encroaching storm surge can pass through better?
Back to our delightful B&B. I can't say enough about how pristine, comfortable, quiet, and beautiful this inn is. We asked for breakfast at 9:00 this morning and spent a few minutes sipping tea on the back porch. It's delightful.
There's a tiny water feature, well-groomed beds, nibbling squirrels, and last night we saw two bunnies in the yard, bold as you please. For some reason, the rabbits here in eastern NC are very tame in the yards. They scoot a little ways away from you, and sit and stare. Sandy has stopped chasing them.
Here's the breakfast room. There's coffee/tea in a Keurig machine, light snacks, and cold drinks in a little frig.
I do believe this is the prettiest and best breakfast I've ever eaten at a B&B, and years ago Adam and I used to frequent B&Bs in various states often. The online description of their breakfasts is one reason I chose this inn. Adam gave me one of his English muffins. I gave him my watermelon, most of my fruit bowl, and a half sausage. We love each other like that.
I'd planned for us to tour two historic homes in Bath this morning but it was raining lightly, so we stayed here at the inn instead. I painted again. I find I paint much better when I try to copy a watercolor I'm looking at. This is cheating, honestly, and shows me to be a Very Bad Painter (which I am), but I don't mind. I don't have the creative mind that births beautiful watercolors out of a spot behind my left ear! So, if I want to produce something pretty, I must copy. I'm so thankful for better artists out there who blaze the trail.
And Adam happily sat and read an old friend. He reads this book every couple of years. It's To Lose a Battle. It's about the battle for France in 1940. He likes history and warfare.
We're having an extremely restful stay. Adam went for a walk around town and returned with the news that a gift shop down the street has a Christmas room. I can hear it calling my name. Bath also has a town dock where a boat can stay up to three days. I can see his wheels turning about another visit here. Now that the rain has stopped we'll visit those historic homes after lunch.


  1. So glad you're having such a good time. The rest is much needed, I'm sure, esp. after the extensive entertaining of young folks you've been involved in.


  2. what a great time you are having! Thank you for sharing this with us....just the kind of peaceful post I love.


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