Monday, January 13, 2014

Bo-Beau Walks the Village

 A few days ago we had a nice day for weather. Sandy stood by the back door and said, "It's sunny outside, Mama!"
 Sandy goes outside very often because she doesn't need a leash. But poor Bo-Beau! I felt pity for him, and took him on a long walk through the village on that warm, pleasant, sunny day. He was a happy pup.
His full name is Prince Bilbo Beauregard Longshanks, so Adam says. The dog thinks he's a prince. We chose Bilbo Beauregard because that way we can call him "Bo-Beau." A friend of mine faithfully calls him Beauregard. And one day I joked that he was Longshanks ... since, obviously, he is not.
This tiny house, really less than a cottage, is just down our street.
 This is another neighbor. I like the dusky blue and deep red combination.
 But I also love this white and sea-green-blue paired, right next door.
 A stone's throw away is this little cut off the creek, complete with a dilapidated boathouse.
 Why are dilapidated things so picturesque? Really, I'd like to know. A brand new building no one wants to photograph, but give it 100 years and a couple of floods and it will be on the front of a calendar.
 Bo-Beau and I walked to the Wildlife Ramp and cut across the condos' grassy yard and ducked under the big bridge. An old dock, washed away by some storm, still juts into the creek.
 Coming out on the other side of the bridge we arrived at the big harbor where storm clouds arrived overtop the masts.
 I've photographed the cattails for you before. This time of year they've worn away and turned to mush.
 It was a good year for pecans. This winter I often saw people gathering them in empty lots where the pecan trees grow, probably an old grove. I nibbled this one when I returned home. It traveled in my pocket.
 I've mentioned the vagabond boats that've lived in our town's anchorage. This pink boat, The Shire, was owned by a man who died suddenly of an aneurism. The boat floats there, waiting to be collected by a family  member, a reminder to us all that life is fleeting and we leave things behind.
 It was a long walk, very satisfying. We passed the Bean, went to Lou-Mac Park, strolled down Freemason St. to the churches, and back to Broad St. and wiggled our way among various streets back home. I snapped a photo of the side of this old farmhouse. Look at the back upstairs windows.
 See? The one on the right is crooked. Sometimes in old houses floors will be sloped because they used to be on a porch, but in this case, I think it's just a poorly-constructed window.
 Bo-Beau was worn out. He napped with his daddy.
Have you been on a walk lately with a doggie? It's quite fun!


  1. What a lovely walk and such a cute doggie. I've been walking our neighborhood as we have had a few really beautiful days with sunshine and warm temps.

  2. Your walks (and bike rides, and sailing ventures) are so picturesque. I don't have anything that can compete with that, but you are making me think that I need to approach walking with a different eye. About the old buildings: for me their attraction comes from thinking about all the lives that lived there before, a connection with unknown people in the past.


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