Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Search of the Perfect Tea Cozy

((Psst! If you're looking for my Grow Your Blog post, click right here. I've already moved on to other things, like tea cozies and crocheting. Sorry -- couldn't help myself!))
I crocheted a tea cozy recently, if you recall. It turned out pretty well. I finally put it on a smaller pot:
It fits more snugly around the spout ...
... and around the handle.
I really like how it closes by looping twice around the knob on the lid. It feels secure and ... well ... cozy.
But I still needed another cozy for the tea pot I use most, this larger one. So here's my new-and-improved model :) The design is a bit more complicated, but it still fastens and "snugs up" tightly from the top.
It still loops twice around the knob.
But I added an easy twist-loop that goes around the spout.
And another one that goes around the handle. It would only work, I suppose, on pots with a handle similar to this.
These two loops keep the cozy very snug and prevent the openings around the spout and handle from flapping open.
When you unloop the top, you can easily take the lid off the pot.

And the front loop slips off easily too, when you're ready to remove the cozy for washing.
The back loop is large, and when it's free it gives the roominess needed to remove the pot from the cozy.
It slides right out.
I must admit, it's a bit of a contraption, and perhaps I should call it a tea brazierre rather than a tea cozy :) I think the tea pot might agree!
I've enjoyed making these two, and I think they'll be very practical for everyday use. They don't slip around. They hug the pot and allow you to use the pot while they're on.
That's important in a cozy.
((Oh, um ... apologies to any British friends if these cozies are appalling. I know, I know, they probably aren't what a real English tea cozy should be. I just thought them up in my head, and I'm only a Lipton-drinking American! :) Thanks for understanding! If anyone has tips for how to improve on the cozies, please do speak up!))


  1. Oh my goodness I need one of those cute cozies ASAP. Very clever of you even if they are unconventional.

  2. Your additions are wonderful and make the tea cozy even more useful. Perhaps you should consider making a couple and seeing if they sell at the Sat. they would!

  3. Hi Mary Katherine, not sure my comment went through, I suggested you make a couple of your modified tea cozies and take them to Sat market. I bet they'd sell in a flash!.

  4. I've been thinking I need to make one of these for a tea-drinking friend...I need to look for a knit one, however - these are absolutely darling!

  5. Such a cute cozy ---- and pretty colors, too. I'm not much of a tea drinker, and my "teapot", when I need one, is an electric teakettle. Your post makes me want to do this the right way.

  6. That's an adorable tea cozy! It makes me wish I had an actual teapot I could use instead of the coffee pot. Good job on that! :D

  7. Thank you, ladies, so much! It was very fun, very creative, to make, esp. the second one. I may make some more, Sandra :)

  8. You've nailed the design. Great job. One of your crocheted flowers would make a cute addition perched near the top by the handle.

    1. I've been using it for a few days now, and I really like this second one. The loops work well, I can slip the pot in and out, and I can take the lid off without removing the cozy. I'm please. I do like the idea of a flower decor :) Next time!


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