Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Painting Recovery

Hi, y'all. Yesterday, in an effort to have a slower school day amidst the snow, Julia and I painted. It was a bad painting day, I'm sorry to say. I finished a very bad, very ugly watercolor. Wasted paper, wasted paint.
But today we attempted it again. I'd printed off an adorable Corgi bookmark from Susan Branch's blog site, and wanted to give it a little color for my mother, who adores Corgis and Tasha Tudor. Read the lovely quote from her:
Julia and I giggle about this quote because she's adopted a new pronunciation of "sausages."
She pronounces it like "massages." :)
Anywho, today went much better. Julia painted a little owl. She gave it to me!! Isn't he fine?
After the Corgi bookmark, I recalled something else Susan Branch said -- that she cut up her scrap watercolor paper after she dabs her brushes on it, and gives it away to her fans as bookmarks. From Susan Branch, even a bedabbed piece of paper is a real find!
So I decided I'd paint something small and non-threatening, on already-used paper so it wouldn't matter when it turned out U-G-L-Y.
And I think I found my niche! And a very small niche it is, but I thoroughly enjoyed painting/penning these little bookmarks! The candle one is for Julia. I really like the tea one. I think I should include a couple of these in the giveaway package I'm mentally assembling for sometime in February.
Because absolutely ALL my blogging friends love to read :)
((I just realized that lily looks more like a limp pair of pajamas .... ))


  1. Darling bookmarks. More please. :)

  2. You both have talent. I like Julia's owl a lot and I think the bookmarks are pretty, too. That is a neat idea because you can insert those into a card as a gift and I know I can never have too many bookmarks.

  3. Yes indeed, we love to read! I adore your bookmarks, M.K,! They are lovely! I'm partial to the tea cups, too. Can you bear to part with them in your giveaway? You ma just want to keep them to enjoy yourself.:) Julia's owl is a masterpiece! Absolutely gorgeous... Lori

  4. Your bookmarks are really nice. I think they are a hit.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Cute! I'm a painting salvager as well --- and a Susan Branch follower. I love her blog, her books, her style. Have you read her newest book, A Fine Romance? (As I write this title, I find myself wishing for the underline function! That's the English teacher in me!) The book is wonderful. The art work is charming.

    1. Oh, argh! The underline option! It drives me crazy and grates every nerve to put quotations around a book title. The MLA fanatic in me growls. I haven't read "A Fine Romance" yet, but I will one of these days. Her art is lovely -- she's an inspiration.

  6. Isn't that funny? I turn a lot of my be-dabbed pieces of watercolor paper into bookmarks as well. Sometimes those colorful random dabs of paint are prettier than my finished art! More spontaneous.
    Your bookmarks are wonderful! I'll be signing on for that giveaway!!
    Love the owl! I've been meaning to paint one of those.
    Now I'm off to Susan Branch's site to find a Corgi book mark! :)
    Have a great day!
    (Lisa the exclamator!!!)

    1. "Lisa the Exclamator" -- you're adorable :) That's so funny!!!

  7. lovely bookmarks, ideas and outcome. Keep it up MK…….

  8. How cool are these?! You are so clever, they look almost printed! And Julia's owl is beautiful!x

  9. beautiful bookmarks and another market possibility, Mary Katherine. you're both so talented, I'm a little green -lol-.

  10. I also can't bear to put quotes around book titles, so I use asterisks - I guess I'd rather create my own rules than to confuse old ones!
    I'm quite amazed by the bookmarks you whipped up!

  11. Love the bookmarks.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I still working through that crazy list of blogs. Please visit my embroidery blog if it strikes your fancy.



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