Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow in Oriental!

It did! It snowed!
I have at least one family member who avows that it hasn't really snowed if there's still grass showing. Phooey ~ she doesn't live in Oriental! heehee :)
Here, we take any snow we can get.
I know, I know ... it's just a dusting.
But local schools are on a two-hour delay. That's a cultural rule in the South.
White, dusty rooftops. The wind was whipping out there. I stood outside in my pajamas and boots only a minute to snap these shots.
 A lonesome half-moon above in a calm sea of sky.
One thing I adore about our new house is having a kitchen window, especially when the early sun pierces in.
I've enjoyed my autumn garland. I'm so glad I took it off my market table and gave it a home with me :)
On the opposite wall the sunlight plasters shadows of my dear objects in the window ~ an egg cup, a pepper grinder, a glass bird, a cream pitcher in the shape of a girl holding a basket.
So on this snowy morning (a very little snow) I begin with you, dear friends, and a couple of chapters of God speaking to me, and then some fragrant tea.
Have I mentioned these tea cups? I bought them at a local thrift. Since then Julia and I have seen them on T.V. at least twice: they used them on Once Upon a Time at granny's cafe, and Archie Goodwin drinks from them on Nero Wolfe. Isn't that cool?
Susan Branch's blog is a delightful beginning to a snowy day too. She talks this morning of loving the utter quiet of a winter morning when the world and the house are still sleeping. She relishes her alone time. If you don't follow her blog, you should consider.
It's 8:45. Julia is up, making hot cocoa. She took the puppies outside, and (she said) she "creamed Bo-Beau." We'll have a late start to school and get a bit done today. May you have a pleasant day, snow or no snow, whether you get to stay at home or have to get out into the fray. It's all good, if you have joy in your heart!


  1. Love this sweet, newsy post. And, you know, I think my glass bird is exactly like yours!

    1. The blue one? Isn't it lovely? It was a gift from a friend years ago.

  2. I love having a kitchen window, too! I need to see outside. Enjoy your snowy day:)

  3. I loved seeing the photos indoors and out. I'm glad the snow waited until you had more windows to see out of, and for the sun to shine through!

  4. GJ, that's one big improvement in this new house -- windows! Sunlight! I turned our painting location so the sun would shine on our work :)

  5. Your snow looks like what Texas got south of us in Austin and even further which happens maybe once a decade. Not sure what the world is coming to... :)


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