Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In the Water

Some boaters come up with clever names.

If I've shared these before, sorry. The one below is very fun with its double meaning.
These boats live on this dock. It feels clean and sunny.
Three boats float over on the A-ring of the same marina. The one on the left is called "Rapscallion."

 We saw a discarded dinghy at the marina, hidden deep in the grasses and weeds. How many times have we walked right past it, but didn't notice it hidden there? Lately, they cut some of the larger bushes there, and it was revealed. I wonder who abandoned it.

Four white ducks live in the town harbor.
We feel a bit as if they are the town mascots. They live, however, in the ickiest, dirtiest water around. They swim among the shrimp boats and power boats, which belch out oils into the water.
The ducks seem happy enough anyway.
the top of a red marker buoy, now "on the hard"

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  1. Ha ha, I loved the afrayed knot!!! I might be a little afrayed if there were a storm!! X


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