Thursday, January 30, 2014

The As-You-Go Stripey Blanket

I don't usually attempt long, big yarn projects. I find them boring because they last  forever, and usually the work is unbearably repetitive. Then I saw this blanket on Pinterest. Click on over and see it at Hannah's "Not Your Average Crochet" blog. It's an impressive pattern!
This is Hannah's photo -- I wanted to show you HER work.
I started my version yesterday.

The burgundy/gray portion is called a Catharine Wheel. I'd never done that stitch pattern before, and it was fun to learn! That's one thing I want from this project: the opportunity to learn new stitches.
The blanket pattern is fun because each row is new -- either a new color or a new pattern. I love that! And my blanket will be unique because of my color selections -- and I'm using yarn I already have from my stash, so this project is useful to decreasing the growing volume of said stash. That's important; it gives me good reason to buy yet more yarn! All my yarny friends will identify, I'm sure.
Tonight, I've made more progress. I've started a new stitch, the star pattern.
 What fun! I like all the bright colors and variation.
 Here's the first row of the star pattern.
This blanket may take some time; I'll be sure to keep you apprised.


  1. This does look interesting! Hope you enjoy every row!

  2. That will be one lovely warm blanket! The variations of colour and pattern are fun.

  3. I love your version! It reminds me of a sampler. Very pretty!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm ... overwhelmed. I SO want to learn to crochet for real. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous. I don't usually do long term projects either. And I'm not always good at deciphering patterns. I have a feeling my rows would not come out the same length at all. :) Have fun! Tammy

  6. I love, love, LOVE this, M.K.! Can you teach me to knit... please? How wonderful that you're using yarn that you have on hand. Can't wait to see how this beauty progresses! Lori

    1. I wish I lived close enough to teach you to knit, Lori :) I'm a decent knitter -- but this blanket is done in crochet. Do you crochet? Many people find it easier than knitting, and I'm excited to find such variety of stitches in crocheting. Never heard of some of these before, and they are COOL!

  7. I can't wait to see the finished blanket. I am a beginner at crochet and should really try something like this.

  8. This is certainly an interesting variation on the usual 'ripple' blanket. It appeals because I think you could probably use yarns of different weights, whereas RBs have to be all the same thickness. Brilliant stash buster. I am still a crochet novice, but really like the look of this one. Thanks so much for posting! blessings xx

  9. What a great pattern! Your creation is going to be lovely, already is, and is coming right along. I think I am going to use this pattern to make a prayer shawl. It will be interesting and fun to make. I have skeins of yarn from my late MIL that I need to use up and this looks like a great way to do it.

    Thank you for sharing your crocheted beauty with us. I hope you'll post more photos as you crochet along.


  10. I love your work! That looks very fun and I bet you'll have a blanket in your lap very soon!

  11. I love that blanket! And yours ---- you only started yesterday!!!! You will be done before you know it. I have projects like that that have taken me years.

  12. My goodness --- that's so pretty! I neither knit nor crochet, so I'm really impressed by this project!

  13. That's seriously impressive!!!x

  14. that's a fab blanket, yours will be great too judging by the start you've made


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