Friday, January 3, 2014

One More Christmas Post

Is it too late for this? I apologize. I have Christmas photos I've meant to post, mostly for me. I want them on the blog so I can find and enjoy them later. Thanks for bearing with me.
 It was a pretty tree; it really was. I'm always tempted to photograph a few ornaments as they nestle among the lights.

 This one I've had many years. It plugs into the light string and glows.
 Three trees: 1) the green one in the foreground, 2) its reflection in the window, 3) and across the street, our neighbor Flo's tree on her porch. It's the bright triangle of light in the window. See it?
 To add to the chaos of the holidays, Philip's birthday is Christmas Eve. Somehow, I always manage to sling a cake into the food frenzy that is Christmas. Twenty-three candles ~

 He is such a dear. I love him more and more the older he gets. How is that possible? Didn't I love him most when he was a tiny baby? It would seem so, but in fact, love grows and blossoms. I miss him when he's away. Don't tell him I said all this (heehee); he'd be embarrassed.
 Christmas morning we do stockings first. It's often candy, and a few little treasures.
 But it's WAY too early in the morning for Philip. We should just bring his bed in the living room.
 Peter is manning the scissors. You always need scissors on Christmas morning.
 I have a precious friend -- have known her for almost 40 years? -- who sent us all Christmas presents. Oh my! When you have four kids, and they're getting older, I can't tell you how amazing it is to be remembered and loved in this way. She went shopping -- shopping for us! Anna got a gorgeous bag. Anna loves bags. She was very excited.
 Adam was dumb-struck when he opened his gift from my friend. She knows us well, and knows how he loves to bake. (She's an incredible cook too.) She bought him a pan specifically for making baguettes, something he's always wanted. He was thrilled. "I love that woman!" he exclaimed. And he's not prone to such exclamations, but he couldn't help himself, in the thrill of the moment. Bread! Nothing gets him excited like making bread!
 Julia goes through so many watercolor books because of her weekly art workshop. We also use it up in homeschooling when we paint and do creative things. Three books! That was a fine gift!
 And then ... in the middle of the joy ... the Christmas tree broke. The entire stand broke, as it turns out. I was very sad, and in some not-so-subtle way, Christmas was rather derailed for me. Right away we had to remove the ornaments before they fell and broke, and dismantle the entire thing.
 I made Anna an infinity scarf in gray, as she requested.
 Adam had a hard time letting go of his bread pan - haha!
 Philip asked for all kitchen ware. My parents bought him a large cast iron Dutch oven and a very nice baking sheet. That oven will last him the rest of his life. We love our cast iron in this family. Thank you, Daddy and Mother!
 My dear friend sent me such beautiful things -- see? A truly elegant bag (which I'm using as my purse now), two Victoria magazines (Oh! Joy! She knows me so well!! They're delicious!), and two skeins of yarn. I'm waiting until I decide exactly what I want that yarn to become. Not just one more scarf, I want to make them into something I will really love. Thank you, dear friend!
 Adam gave me our B-and-B trip, but in addition, they bought me lots of bath stuff. I guess he's telling me I need to soak more in the tub? Adam does believe in giving disposable gifts, and this makes good sense. We don't need to accumulate more "stuff" ... except bread pans. We can always use bread pans :)
 My friend also gave Anna these adorable slippers, and she's worn them a lot. Aren't they cute?
Thus ends my account of Christmas morning, recorded here for posterity. It was a wonderful Christmas, and how happy I am that we were all here together.


  1. Looks like a lovely day with those you love best. I never tire of Christmas.

  2. I'm glad you are still posting about Christmas. I had to take down the tree today, and most of the lights, and my star that I'd put in the window died yesterday, before the wise men even arrived! Let's call it ChristmasTIDE and let it last a bit longer.

  3. A lovely post about your Christmas but disaster re the tree!!!!! The baguette pan IS such a personal and thoughtful present,! I like Adam's buying disposable presents, v good idea! Thanks ever so for your thoughtful comment on the writing, when it gets to the weekend, i will be over for a look! X

  4. You're more than welcome, Kezzie :) The book (Greenfield Civil Wars) is on the right sidebar, and the other items are in the tabs across the top. If you think of a better arrangement, I'll eagerly hear it. Good luck!

  5. You're more than welcome, Kezzie :) All the creative writing items are in the tabs across the top. If you think of a better arrangement, I'll eagerly hear it. Good luck!


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