Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The After Picture

Here's the flower bed, from about the same angle as before. I hope you can tell a difference! I wanted to leave SOME of the vinca, so you'll see it along the back (where nothing else will grow) and a big clump on the right, and some still in front of the large rose bush.
Here's another view. I now have 4 roses, with a bushy little astilbe in the middle of them. In the front are the 4 hostas. I found one of them, hiding, this morning in the midst of the weeds, and moved him up front. He's so little you probably can't see him.
This is the wheelbarrow of stuff I took out of the bed. Oh, plus one iron pole. And I moved some monkey grass.
And here are the bulbs I dug out of the bed. I placed my size 9 shoe next to them so you could see they are BIG bulbs. I have another pile like this one, elsewhere in the yard.

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