Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anna had some fun:

Anna, as I said before, went out on a Daddy/Daughter date to Olive Garden. This is the only picture she took, of her chicken parmesan. Still, she had a wonderful time.
This was her elegant table, set tonight for her 'at home' sweet sixteen dinner, with 2 friends. We set many candles, my wedding china and crystal, and a few wedding gifts I hadn't pulled out in YEARS!
Anna with one of her good friends, Brooke. Her other friend Posey arrived a little later.
Here is the dinner: Clementine chicken (with the most luscious gravy that ever dribbled from a lip), rice, green beans with orange. They began with a cheese plate, homemade baguettes, honey butter, and salad.
And here is Adam's dessert - a flourless chocolate cake -- only chocolate, butter & eggs. Topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, it is the perfect end to a delicious meal. And hot tea. The girls are now downstairs watching a chic flic.

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