Friday, April 4, 2008

In support of my no icky shoes in the house policy

Here is my ingenious rack for icky, outdoor shoes! It used to be on the back of a door, but I only used the top half of the rack, and I duct-taped it to our back porch rail. Works great!
Here is a wonderful bush that our neighbor has, but it's right on our driveway. It's so cheerful, with its bright yellow blooms. Does anyone know what it is?
Here's a close-up. Our neighbor has said we may dig up the volunteers that have sprouted around the base. It's a fast-grower.
Finally, my bleeding-heart plant has begun to show its face, slowly. I've placed sticks around it (gently) to discourage our dog from lying on top of it, in its present baby-state.

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