Sunday, April 6, 2008

And the cousins descend upon us!

Yes, our dear cousins from West Virginia (well, some of them) are here for the weekend. The kids have had fun. Here they are playing a new card game, "El Presidente." It was evidently taught them by their father. Thanks, Max :) There's a president, and vice president. And for some reason, a "trash" and a "vice-trash." Don't ask me; I don't know how to play!
Here they are, just before church. They have been a little pack for 24 hours. Much messy playing in the creek. Except Anna and Hannah - they are indoor girls who prefer movies.
They all went to the park yesterday, and took Lacey. She has yet to recover from all that playing, cold weather, mud, and the resulting bath. The dog can barely move!

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