Monday, April 7, 2008

If you don't love hostas, don't look.

Here's my first hosta to arise from its sleep this spring. There should be 5 in this bed. I became concerned when it was the only one for a couple of weeks.
Then, finally, a second set of spears peeked out. Can you see them? This one is my favorite, a deep green color.
Now here was a serendipitous clump of unexpected hostas we found just today! They were hiding last spring in the undergrowth. I'm so excited to have a well-established plant! I may divide it later this year.
Can you find the two hostas in this pic? The distant one is hiding among the rocks, for protection from my children's feet. Do you see the wasteland that my hostas are required to grow in? I want a broad band of them around this tree trunk.
Adam is working on the form, to make his fire-brick arch that will be the dome of his oven. I'm about to go out and take a picture of the first band of bricks, set in place. I'll post it later!

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