Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hubby's day off

Today, Adam had a day off work. He was a happy guy! He determined to go to our church and help another man clean up a couple of trees that were cut down. Then Adam hauled home a load of cherry and maple for our fireplace next winter!
Then he worked on the dome of his oven. It's looking nice. It may look much as it did before, but at that time the bricks were only set in place; now they are cemented in with fire clay.
He will be putting 2 more rows of brick in front of that one, as he moves up to the front, and the door.
He also bought some fine-looking tomato plants today. He will put them in their beds tomorrow, since we are having a freeze warning tonight. Tad late for a freeze, in my opinion.
And tomorrow, I have a day off! One of my projects is to weed this bed and get it looking nice. Yikes! It's in a horrible state. This will serve as the "before" picture. Wish me luck!

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