Saturday, April 19, 2008

From this to that:

These sheep belong to my brother and sister-in-law, who own a beautiful farm, also known as "about the prettiest place on earth." Nice sheep. Max shears them each year and they send the wool off to Prince Edward Island, to have it turned into blankets.
And now I finally have two! I've wanted one of their blankets for years. They are great blankets: beautiful, warm, and still light-weight. Perfect.
Unfortunately, changes in regulations about shipping between the US and Canada have made it too difficult to have the blankets made anymore. How sad! It's no longer cost-effective. I'm so glad I got these before there were no more left!
And speaking of international shipping, here's a bizarre but all-too-common tale: we bought some boxed fish (whiting) at the store last week. The packaging said this: "caught live in Canada, processed in China." And then sold in North Carolina. I couldn't help but wonder if they also sell this fish in Boston? Buffalo? Maine? Seattle? How ridiculous is it that it's somehow fiscally wise to catch the fish in Canada, ship it all the way to China so that someone can wrap it up and put it in a box, and then sell in it a city a few hours south of Canada? If that's truly cost-efficient, then there's something very messed up about our international trade!

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