Friday, April 18, 2008

Blogging trouble

Blogger has been having some trouble, and I couldn't upload photos. Oh well. Adam now has 3 arches built on his dome. I have another bed of ferns transplanted. We're off school today (yippee!), so that makes 3 days in a row for me - how wonderful :) I am relaxing!! Hopefully now I will be able to make it through til summer. We get out on May 30, I believe - a half day on a Friday. That's WAY ahead of the public schools, thankfully!

Gorgeous weather this week. Tonight Philip has a band concert with the group he's playing with now - it's a college concert band. He's not practicing quite as much as he used to, but that's because he's got some friends now that he hangs out with, and I'm thankful. We've moved around so much, it's been hard for our kids to make good friends. He is at one boy's house today, working on a cool project for physics class. Next week he'll go with 2 other boys to Huntsville, AL, with their sponsor, to NASA's rocket team competition. That's been a exciting extra-curricular for him, but a lot of work.

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