Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday night is:

Girls' night! On Tuesdays, all the guys in this family head to a neighboring town for Philip's trumpet lesson, and for the other two to play chess at their chess club. We girlies are left alone for hours -- and when those cats are away, well! Tonight we will make popcorn, curl up together on the couch, and watch another chic flic. I'll let you know what we find to watch on Netflix play-it-now.

On a blogging note, I have discovered city daily photos! What fun! People all over the world seem to have nothing better to do each day than walk around their cities, finding a special, interesting photo for that day -- and then they post it on their own city's daily photo blog. I started with a daily photo from Paris (ah, the city of love), and have added Riga, Latvia; Jackson, Mississippi (my home town during childhood); Coral Gables, FL; and Krakow, Poland (beautiful place I visited on missions trips). I'm wishing for a daily photo blog of Venice too. And Athens. I'm sure someone out there will comply :)

It's fine to log on each day, and always have "mail" from far across the world - a picture, with comments. If I lived in a more impressive place, and if I had the time to roam around my town, I'd make a contribution too.

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