Friday, January 16, 2009

Ah, yes, there is school...

This morning I'll head back over to the school. It's been almost a month since I've been in the classroom - that's quite a break! Although I must say that last week in England was definitely WORKING. I'm frankly looking forward very much to sitting in my nice peaceful classroom, with a handful of students quietly working away at something academic.

But today I'll have it even better: I get to sit in my room prepping for classes next week, getting all my little scholastic ducks in a row, making copies, planning lessons. That's my favorite part of teaching, I'm sorry to say. The actual teaching is fun too. The grading is the worst.

I got a cold almost as soon as I came home - actually I probably got it on the plane. 11 hours on that plane. Bleck. So, now I'm dragging around with congestion and a headache. Hopefully it will be gone by Monday. We're all looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Thank you, Mr. King!!

Adam had a crazy-busy week while I was gone. Church work kept him very occupied. On Tuesday AM, a dear elderly man in our congregation died, so Adam had a lot to do, planning the funeral service, visiting the widow, organizing everything. It's very important to get a funeral right, because you can't do it again better, later. He did a great job. And our pastor's wife is doing very poorly. She really needs to go to hostice full-time. I imagine these are her last days. Our pastor is not doing well. Some people seem to handle grief better than others. He is really struggling.

When I asked Adam what he wanted from England, he just said, "A Greek book from Oxford." Can you imagine the silly looks I got from those noble book-sellers in Oxford, England, when I approached them and said, "I need to find a book written in Greek for my husband. Any old book will do. Do you have anything in Greek?" Of course they did. When I finally found the right place, I had a whole WALL of Loeb editions of both Latin (bound in red) and Greek (bound in green) to choose from. I spied a 2-volume set of Mathematics by ancient Greeks, and got him the first volume, just in case they weren't any good. But he's enjoyed it. And I also got Procopius's "Secret History" which I think he's enjoying. All that to say, my book choices were a hit.

Time to go dress. The others have already left for school, but I'm moving slower. I didn't even intend to go in yesterday or today, to allow myself to recover from the trip. But I can't tolerate sitting at home when I know I have class prep to do.

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