Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm so glad it's the weekend. It's been a long week. Lots of teaching, reading and grading going on. And last night, we had a "state of the school" meeting for 3 hours, with all parents, many kids/students, and all staff/faculty. The administration did a good job putting on the evening and presenting how the school is going. Finances are not great. The parents were thrilled to discover, however, that there will be no tuition increase at all next year. The staff were dismayed to find out that 1) there will be no salary increase, not even a cost of living increase! and 2) they are considering reducing our tuition discount. Right now, staff/faculty pay 50% tuition. They are considering having us pay 2/3 tuition, getting only a 33% discount. So, even with Philip leaving (and believe me, our expenses for him won't disappear just because he goes to college...), we could end up spending $200/month MORE than we do right now, on our kids' tuition. At a school we both teach at. When we taught at Cono, our kids attended for free. Many Christian schools do this. I am sad that our administration seems to think this is something they should do; making a living in Christian Ed. teaching is hard enough as it is.

Well, I'm home for the weekend; we did our grocery shopping on Tuesday night, which was LOVELY. Walmart is entirely vacant on Tuesday nights. I may drift through a couple of resale shops tomorrow, but that's it. If it's warm enough, maybe a little yard work.

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