Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Boys

While I was gone to England, Adam and Peter got busy cutting down the weeping cherry tree that graced our patio and shaded it. I loved the tree, but it was far too large, and the root system was pushing up the bricks and, worse, pushing out the retaining wall. So, away it went! A new chain saw was needed for the deed, of course, and then Peter proceeded to dig his best at the huge roots. What a boy!

You can see how much more space we will have on the patio. It will just about double the usable area. We had allowed the ground under the tree to be covered with ivy and other brush. The bulging roots made it too bumpy to set anything on.

In this shot you can see the edge - that's the curved retaining wall. We'll put a fence of some kind along that curve for privacy. Then Adam will build a pergola overhead - over the entire patio, for shade. It should turn into a very pleasant outdoor room!

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  1. That freed up ton of space! You are going to have quite a space to lounge about in outside when summer rolls around!


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