Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Several of you have inquired about how my mother is doing since her surgery. The surgery went well. The pathology report showed that the surgeon did get "clean margins," meaning that there are no more cancer cells in the wound area, in her arm. Her cancer, a sarcoma, evidently does not spread first to the lymph nodes, but to the chest/lungs, so they did a chest x-ray. It indicated a small spot, but they do not know what it is yet. It could be many things, I suppose. She has her post-op appointment in the morning, will have the stitches removed, the drainage tube removed, and a CT scan done to determine exactly what that spot is, on her lung. She will definitely have radiation on her arm, but they will determine whether she needs chemo, I suppose, based on the results of that CT scan.

That's about all I know. She's in good spirits, although the arm is very tender right now. She has excellent mobility, however, and has been able to drive and do everything else.

Thanks for asking. I'll try to keep you posted on further developments.


  1. Nice to know she is doing well, considering. Best wishes to her.
    My own mother is not well either; not the same thing at all, but painful arthritis, she is due to have hip and knee replacements and can hardly get around.
    Mums - we worry about them don't we. x

  2. That's good that she is in good spirits! She is lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you to cheer her up!

  3. Thanks for the update. Please let us know when she gets results of last test. She is such a sweetie!


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