Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, I'm in London, as in, London, England! I've loaded a few random pictures below, out of the 150 or so that I've taken thus far. I'm here with a group of my students for a week of touring the sites. We went to Westminster Abbey, where (among other things) I shot this tombstone. There were many (most I could not photograph b/c they were inside the Abbey), but this one caught my eye: the plumber got to be buried in Westminster Abbey. Let's hear it for the plumbers out there!

Here's the side of the Abbey.

Here I am, standing beside one of the Royal Horse Guards. Sweet old horse.

Houses of Parliament, in the evening light, beside the Thames. Lovely.

The London Eye - we went up in that giant wheel and were in the fog at the top. A nice end to the day.

I'm very busy with the students and all the walking, so I can't promise a daily blog - sorry. I'll do what I can!

Tally-ho for now!


  1. Very very cool MK - I have a photograph of Mother Goose's headstone when I was going through the cemetery in Boston! There was actually a lady whose last name was Goose and she was known for telling the local children stories! :)

  2. I love the pictures...Have fun!!!
    Makes me want to go to England. g

  3. Joe the Plumber would be so proud! Have fun, looking forward to reading all about your trip, and living vicariously through you ;)

  4. So beautiful! Trying not to be jealous.



  5. MK,
    I wish I were with you. Have a "spot of tea" for me. Looking forward to more updates when you can.

    Have fun!


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